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Some plates from the collection of Peter Caffall-Davis

3000 3193 2861 2291 3198 5078 2213 5558 6867 6867
3024 4900 ^7690
^2966 15455 16836 14579
20056 18090 ^1776 ^1776 46678 37650 42151 42515 ^1876 28211 73362 24623 ^823 25831 55530 ^5097 89258
25015 40147
^8608 76141
8079 A^858 ^17 B3062 CB1869 M1442 M4000
AAA108 AN947 BR770 AD9234 DI782 DS659
ABA808 ABT786 AEX765 AHM622 AKU264 AMR263 APT411 ASZ511
YYR970 OHF692 QUICK 14 BBC633 BBU979 BBX510 BLT442 BSF535 BWZ578 CAY745 CBM283 CEV650 CFN587 CHF372 CKE229 CNM600 CSD478 CTB359 CVN377 CVV689 DGJ815
DKR982 DPF255 DRU136 DWE441 ECF585 EFK185 EHU552 EHU553 EMW495 1359
IS EUR102 EVX749

About the Collector

Pete's a goofy somewhat neurotic guy like most collectors. What can you say? He just joined the ALPCA in 2006. Lives in the bush of Alaska with a few bears, wolves, eagles, tons of salmon and a very sweet and understanding wife Libby. She let's him keep his collection on the walls in the front room. Well actually, once she found out how much some of them were worth, she insisted he bring them indoors where she could keep a closer eye on 'um (the plates not him... well maybe both actually). He specializes in Alaskan passenger issues. Says that until he completes that collection he shouldn't start another. Currently his collection has every year after 34 but he is working his way backwards. After 65 when the stickers began in Alaska he focused on Naturals.

He & Libby live in Hyder Alaska a town of about 100 souls. It's right on the Canadian border and it's one of only two places where you can drive right into southeast Alaska. The town has a sign hanging over the road at the entrance to the USA from Canada that says "The Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska" and that's about right.

There haven't been more than 100 folks living here for decades though once upon a time in the 20's and later in the 70's there was some mining going on and populations were reported to be a whopping 450. Last year at Christmas Hyder reported 54 winter residents... a real busy winter! Pete started a new catch phrase for the town a few years ago which many of you who have emailed him will recoginze:

We're all here 'cause we're not all there.

And it suits us all just fine thankyou. He can be reached by email at Don't hesitate to write him if you have early Alaskan passenger plate questions or examples for sale.

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