Royce's Alaskan License Plates - Current Plates
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Here is a list of all of the types of plates that can be seen on the road in Alaska today.
I am also starting some pages about older plates (work in progress)

Passenger Vehicles

B series | C series | D series
Centennial series (D and E)
E series | F series | G series | J series H series - (Handicap)
U series - (University)
V series - (Veteran)
Y series - (Exempt)
Z series - (For Hire)
Non-passenger Vehicles
(Trucks, trailers, & motorcycles)

Trucks: B series | C series | D series
F series - (Farm use)
Non-commercial trailers (P series)
Non-commercial trailers (R series)
Commercial trailers (S series)
Government and Military Plates

State of Alaska
Alaska State Troopers
Fish & Wildlife Protection
Legislators' vehicles
X series - (City Government)
US Government (including Consulate and State Department)
Personalized Veteran and Unit plates
PH - (Pearl Harbor Survivor)
POW - (Ex-Prisoner of War)
Other Plates

Personalized ("vanity") plates
Personalized Veteran Commemorative plates
Transporter plates
Dealer plates
Custom Collector plates
Historic Vehicle plates
Alaska Children's Trust ("Kid") plates
Amateur Radio (Ham) plates
UCC plate (mystery plate!)

What about Alaska Native tribal plates?

Other miscellaneous pictures and info.
Information about older plates (work in progress)
If you are a computer geek, you may be amused by my RFC-style Standard for License Plate Filenames proposal.

Most thumbnail photos (144x72 JPEGs) are not linked to larger images to conserve disk space.
I have higher-quality photos of many of these plates; contact me if you want one.

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