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Part of the fun of collecting is in showing off the collection!

I have only a few collections for display here so far; request a photo shoot or drop me a line to add yours!

In the plate collections that I display, the plates are generally sorted by (sometimes approximate) date of issue., and are divided by major revisions in design scheme. The thumbnails for standard-size plates are shown first, with smaller plates following.

Collection Gallery

Terry Brenner
Bob Brown
Pete Caffall-Davis
Rich Cartier
Judd Clemens
Matt Embro
Dan Gibson
Earl Jenson
Jim Shook
Dirk Starck
Michael Williams
Jack Williams
Royce Williams

And here are some places where collectors of Alaskan plates have their own collections displayed, or where collectors of plates generally have some Alaskan plates shown:

I also maintain a small, simple list of folks who collect Alaskan license plates.

Want to see your collection here?

Get your own collection page!
If you specialize in Alaskan plates -- or even just have an Alaskan run or grouping -- I'll set up a separate page for the plates in your collection.

Collecting License Plates

Collecting license plates is a widespread hobby. The official organization for license plate collectors is the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA). There are a number of web sites devoted to license plate collecting.

Where to Get Plates

Plates can be bought from eBay, from antique shops, or through buying/trading with other collectors.

Plate Prices

Most plates go for under $10. The most expensive and rarest Alaskan license plate is probably the 1921 plate -- the first year that Alaska issued license plates. There are perhaps two 1921 plates known. One of them sold a few years ago for somewhere in the neighborhood of $18,000.

Thanks to Dirk Starck, I now have a nice picture of a 1921 plate:


Take a look at more older plates.

Types of Collections

Many collectors specialize in one way or another. Some specialize by state, by a particular year, or by type of plate ( government, motorcycle, etc. )

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