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Display of license plates from your vehicle


Information on these pages is provided in an attempt to satisfy the curious, aid the collector, and enable the obsessed (and I include myself in all three of these groups). However, no warranty is made of the usefulness, completeness, or entertainment value of the information contained herein. I have made a reasonable effort (and sometimes an unreasonable effort, if you ask the Anchorage DMV) to maintain the accuracy of this information -- but I'm not infallible. The information on these pages and the terms of this disclaimer can change without notice. Caveat websurfor.

While the DMV has answered many of my questions about license plates, the information on my pages is not always up-to-the-minute information. These pages are intended to contain much of the information that is available about Alaskan license plates. Some of this information is available from the DMV. However, it is the DMV and the Alaska State Legislature that set policies, fees, and restrictions. These pages are not intended to be a substitute for these sources. If information on these pages is different from official information provided by the DMV or the law, the official information from the DMV or the law prevails.

Having said that, I am always interested in keeping this information as current as I can, and I invite and appreciate feedback. (See the "Feedback" section below.)

The DMV does not currently formally endorse these pages in any way (though it would be cool if they did.)


If you have a picture, correction, suggestion, interesting story, web page location, idea, insult, or other information that you would like to contribute, send mail. Contributions will always be cited where possible so as to distinguish them from information that I have collected myself.

If sending feedback containing descriptions of my sanity or invitations to get a life, please limit the message length to 50 words or less (due to high volume).


The graphics, photographs, custom fonts, and content of these pages are copyright ©1998-2018 Royce Williams. License plates in themselves are public information, and plate artwork is the property of its owners.

Images contained in or appearing in these pages may not be displayed on other web pages; made available for FTP, download, or transmission; or otherwise packaged, archived, or made available for redistribution without my express written consent.

These pages can be referenced by and linked to from other web pages without permission only if entire web pages are referenced. Images cannot be referenced separately from the pages that contain them without permission, which is usually freely given.

If you link to these pages, I would be happy to reciprocate if you send mail.


Any evidence that the information on these pages has been used as an aid in the counterfeiting of license plates (a felony) will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities (re AS 28.10.491.[a](1).)  And yes, I have seen counterfeits at some less reputable establishments, conveniently referred to as "replicas" if anyone asks questions. These plates are often unpriced, so that the unwary can be charged as if the plate were an original.


If a license plate is displayed here that is from your vehicle, and you object in any way, send mail and I will remove it at once.

However, before you ask that a plate be removed, you might consider the following:


License plates should NOT be watched, photographed, or gesticulated about wildly while operating a moving vehicle. I must EXPRESSLY and STRONGLY recommend that you not do so (and I know how tempting it can be.)

Practice safe plating.

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