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The collection of Dirk Starck

This is Dirk's collection as of 1999. I hear he's got a lot more now.

Note that these are in lexical order by filename; I need to organize them more sequentially.


3552 SAM-0000


TK892 21738 11795 FH0880 CTR57799


19947 CTR62789


56174 FH762 TK14819 FH461 22975 TK7729


21434 C0000 C30560 DL648 FH1035 KL7BLL


FH102 KL7ANT LT30036 TK17933 54190 F64 KL7ANT SAM-0000 X916 KL7AUV KL7AUV
TR5153 TR1702 TR1844 MC3992 TR5822


96125 CB461 CT5311 DL884 F167 FH73 LT1445 TK11234 TR10300 SAM-0000 X2135
DL1197 MC1935 MC8172 TR11283


B4444 CB628 CT366 CT4441 DL772 F1444 FH502 LT10995 OH822 SAM-0000 TK10648 TP552 VN-SAFETY X1039 HV38
MC2510 TR2902 MC11547 TR14227 DLMC4


62 A1325 CB142 CT787 DL333 F642 FH455 HV104 KL7DYQ LT8223 OH328 SAM-00000 TK366 TP49 VN-BEAVER X1286 123 13 B305 CB1191 DL475 F1517 FH1024 LT50022 OH584 TP800 VN-LIFE CB1957 CT8897 F2020 FH1400 FOURFS K5253 LT65005 OH562 SAM-00000 TK16871 TP816 X2738 CC010 DL89 DLMC247 OH1269 SAM-00000 VN-SBSHOP AA3113 AAC355 LT79440 ZA1192 AE1010 DB504 DL2131 SAM-00000 SINGLE XA1714 ZA1853 13 AF1157 C13172 DL202 ED132 KL7GMY VN-SHAKIE ZA7777 OH1577 VN-PSCHE DL365 SS200 TP1500 X3105 13-A
TP411 DLMC90 MC7797 TR3969 MC15644 TR29981 TR35196 MC18484
MA1150 MC9630


1776 1776 13 AFP771-2 AFP771 AP2640 AST230 CCC108 DC1082 DD1004 DL1313 FA2163 FWP918 HCP382 IP1004 KL7MF OHV578 SAM-1 TH1092 TY3992 VN-JAMMIN XXC677 YYB125 ZZB359 TC8319
MD8560 TE2222 ME1775 TF6426 ME7212 TG6171 MC5137 MG2375


HR110 HV357 HW838 4687 22876 22876A 30497 37 397HCP AST000 BJY702 CHH454 CK8233 CM7941 CU3455 CZV581 DAV726 DBA197 DD1288 DF4119 DL4450 FA3543 KL7CC OHA417 PJ1177 SC9508 VN-JAMMIN UAA317 UAF161 UAS110 PWS108 VBB307 VCG274 VET788 VET886 VGA629 VHA179 VPH883 XXG123 XXJ419 YYF579 ZZH115 SAMPLE DKE422 CHICK-44 GLDCRK-44
HARLEY DC1419 M42148 MH3908 PT2830 T15319

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