Royce's Alaskan License Plates - Submission Form
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I am trying to collect information about how license plates are issued, what they mean, and when they first appeared. All fields are optional, but contact information such as an email address is appreciated.

I am looking into making this form better (confirmation, etc.) but wanted to start collection basic information as soon as possible.

Do not submit information that could compromise your privacy or security. If you are unconfortable filling out any of the fields, please leave them blank. While I will not post any identifying information on the web site and will anonymize all statistics before presentation, I cannot be responsible for your personal information.

Plate number (e.g. BDT606, 6891BR, AKBUG)
Plate type
If other, please explain below.
Date issued Rough date is fine - any information is useful.
DMV issued from (e.g. Benson, Old Seward, etc.)
City .
Email address Double-check for accuracy - no error-checking for this field.

Please enter any optional additional information below. For example, the meaning of your personalized plate, contact information, etc.
You provide this information solely at your own risk.

Problems/suggestions with this form?

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