Royce's Alaskan License Plates - Exempt
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Passenger vehicles (Y series - Exempt)

Exempt plates are issued to religious groups and other non-profit organizations. The current series begins with YYE.

Note that these plates lack the state flag in the center. The center is usually broken by a half-space. The YYM prefix, however, sometimes lacks both the middle space and the "EXEMPT" text at the bottom of the plate (see [YYM 951] below.) This is a variation in manufacturing that was not requested by the DMV.

YYE946 YYF579 YYH437 YYJ888 YYK430 YYL808 YYM925 YYM951 YYN143 YYP571 YYP755 YYR244 YYS211 YYT473 YYW112

Missing photos: YYG, YYU

Latest spotted: YYW

From AS 28.10.181

For the purposes of this subsection, "charitable organization" means a nonprofit association, corporation, society, or other entity organized, incorporated, or headquartered in the state for educational, cultural, scientific, or other charitable purposes, as prescribed in regulations of the department.

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