Royce's Alaskan License Plates - Farm
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Trucks (F series - Farm)

3543FA 3543FA

From AS 28.10.181:

(h) Vehicles owned by ranchers, farmers, and dairymen. A vehicle not exceeding an unladen total gross weight of 16,000 pounds, owned by a person deriving the person's primary source of livelihood from the operation of a ranch, farm, or dairy where the person resides full-time, and that is used exclusively to transport (1) the person's own ranch, farm, or dairy products, or greenhouse or nursery products, including vegetables, plants, grass seed, sod, or tree seedlings, to and from the market, or (2) supplies, commodities, or equipment to be used on the person's ranch, farm, or dairy, or in the person's greenhouse or nursery, may be registered under this subsection and may be issued registration plates of a distinctive design or system of numbering.

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