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Older plates

Note: these are photos of old plates actually spotted on vehicles "in the wild". Most older plates should no longer be found on vehicles. There are a lot more pictures of older plates in the tour of older plates.

In the course of searching for plates to photograph or plates for my collection, I occasionally come upon plates that are not current - either because they are on vehicles that are not driven, or because they are plates on display.

Consequently, these pictures were taken in a variety of circumstances - in wrecking yards (or outside them; note the chain-link fence in one of the pictures below), in antique shops, on the wall in my cousin's garage, etc.

I'm hoping to expand this area to have more information about older plates.

There are a lot more older plates in the plate collections, or you can look at the tour of older plates.

Some of these plates even have modern tags on them:
The Occasional Use plates were phased out in the '80s, but here is a plate with modern tags.

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