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Non-commercial trailers (P series)

Non-commercial trailer plates are a bit smaller than the standard plate, and their proportional sizes are a little different. The motorcycle plates appear to be the same size.

I've seen a few references state that the PH plates (see below) are for larger non-commercial trailers. The distinction seems to be a littler more precise than this. Large Winnebago- style trailers often appear with the smaller trailer plate. I've spotted the larger plates only on trailers that weren't very long, were completely enclosed, and were relatively tall (as tall as the cab of a pickup, generally.)

I also have myself a full-size P-series plate ([8981 PB], below) that may or may not be an authentic plate.

2860PB 8981PB 3176PC 6498PH 7067PH 2525PJ 9987PK 2961PM 8000PN 9558PP 6235PS 3047PV 2640PW 1522PX 6895PX 2093PY 8155PZ 1371RA

Non-commercial trailers (R series)

The R series is relatively recent, assumably because the P series ran out.

6412RA 4136RB 4347RB 6000RB 4046RC 2728RN 2728RN

Missing photos: [RE] [RF] [RG] [RJ] [RK] [RL] [RM] more?

These plates are now also being issued to motorcycles.

Commercial trailers (S series)

7958SA 3689SC 6769SC 7456SC 8816SC 3478SD 5639SD 1573SE 5460SF 6281SF 1500SK

Missing: [SG] [SH] [SJ]

I haven't even seen an SB-suffixed plate; it seems that that suffix was deliberately omitted.

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