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Passenger vehicles (E series - standard)

At the end of 2004, the Centennial plates ended, and a new plate in the E series started to be issued. This plate looks just like the older B, C and D-series blue-on-gold plates, with the exception that the word "ALASKA" appearing at the top is now embossed and in a different font:


Contrast this with the previous version, in which the text was printed directly onto the plate:

Pre-Centennial ALASKA

The state slogan "THE LAST FRONTIER" is now also embossed.

The switch back to the blue-and-gold plates was scheduled by the original legislation to happen at the end of 2004.

Note, however, that the ERU plates are not embossed.

ERU135 ERU291 ERU637 ERU638 ERU759 ERU994

The ERV plates are the first in the new embossed style.

ERW914 ERX275
Missing photos: [ERV]
Not spotted yet: [ERY] [ERZ]

ESA687 ESD822 ESE728 ESH459 ESK268 ESL215 ESP388 ESR876 EST285 ESU864 ESV784 ESW988 ESY411 ESZ467
Missing: [ESB] [ESC] [ESD] [ESF] [ESG] [ESJ] [ESM] [ESN] [ESS] [ESX]

ETC556 ETE159 ETL391 ETN681 ETY601
Missing: [ETA] [ETB] [ETD] [ETF] [ETG] [ETH] [ETJ] [ETK] [ETM] [ETP] [ETR] [ETS] [ETT] [ETU] [ETV] [ETW] [ETX] [ETZ]

EUA126 EUC910 EUN991 EUR897
Missing: [EUB] [EUD] [EUE] [EUF] [EUG] [EUH] [EUJ] [EUK] [EUL] [EUM] [EUP] [EUS] [EUT] [EUU] [EUZ]

Missing [EVA] - [EVZ]


Latest spotted:: [EWR] (2005-11-10)

According to Dirk Starck, the last Centennial plate issued was [ERT 999], and the first new flag plate was [ERU 100].

These plates have been spotted on both passenger vehicles and on trucks.

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