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I'm interested in photos of any Alaskan license plate.

Seriously. Bring 'em on.

In particular, though, here are the plates that are a priority because I have no photo or very few photos.

I'm also always looking for pictures that are of higher quality, plates with lower or higher serial numbers, plates with different dies or unusual features, plates with tags rather than plates without them, and plates with only two tags on them (rather than five).

But I'll take anything.

There are also contests to find ...

I have a database of plate photos. If you have a photo of a plate with a prefix listed here, please send it to me for inclusion.

And here's a list of the prefixes I haven't spotted yet.

Note: some of these prefixes may not exist, but I've included the ones that I'm not sure of. Also, some are missing both from the trophy list and the "missing" list because they are known to not exist as a matter of policy. Consult the Alaska License Plate Pattern Rules for more information.

Commercial and Payload-class Vehicles, Trailers, and Motorcycles

FA (Farm) - any

Motorcycles - MJ, MN (and any horizontal suffixes)

Trailers - PD, PE, PF, PG, PL, PR, PT, PU
SB, SL (?)

Passenger Vehicles

Most needed prefixes are now listed in the latest Prefix Report.

Alaska State Troopers, AST prefix or suffix - (any)
DAW (Disabled Vet, prefix(?) or suffix)

FWP - (Fish & Wildlife Protection) - prefix or suffix
H series - (Handicapped) - HAB, HAD(?), HAG(?), HAN
L series - (Legislators' Centennial plates) - LEG (any)
U series - (University) - UAS, PWS
V series - (Veteran) - VET 1xx, 2xx, 4xx, 5xx, 8xx
X series - (City Government) - XXR, XXX, XYD+
Y series - (Exempt) - (all)
Z series - (For Hire) - ZZE-ZZG, ZZL+

Government Plates

Legislators' vehicles - (any)
State of Alaska vehicles - lower than 577 or higher than 32593 (up to 99xxx)
Consulate plates - (any)
Government vehicles

Personalized Plates:

Ham Radio plates - (any)

Unusual Plates

Older plates - (any)
Transporter plates - (any)
Historic vehicles - unprefixed, HW, HX
DL series - (Dealer) - (any) - may be subdivided for car, truck, and motorcycle
Collector vehicles - (any) - may not be on current vehicles(?)

DMV-suffixed plates (of the form 999 DMV) - (any)
PH series - (Pearl Harbor Survivor vehicles) - (any)
POW series - (Ex-Prisoner of War vehicles) - (any)

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