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Passenger vehicles (D series)

To minimize bandwidth and to conserve disk space, I have included one plate from each prefix set (DFx, DGx, etc.) wherever possible, as well as other plates of interest.

I am usually also on the lookout for an example of each prefix (CRA, CRB, etc.), though I do not display them all here. To see which plates I need pictures of, check out the Unspotted Plates page.

The early D plates (DAA-DEZ, except for DAV and DBA) are reserved for future use as Disabled Veteran plates.

DFC970 DGE408 DHZ104 DJF206 DJV627

The DJX plates were probably uncirculated, and the glut of some DJV and DJW plates on eBay makes those prefixes appear to be uncirculated, too. Note, however, that the photo of the DJV627 above was taken while the plate was mounted on a vehicle.

DJV784 DJV786 DJV786 DJW290 DJX609

In 1998, the standard D-series ended. It was replaced from 1998 to late 2004 with the Centennial series.

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