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Passenger vehicles (D series - Centennial)

The Centennial "sample" plate

I have also seen the standard [SAM PLE] imprint on the Centennial plates. I don't think that the DMV issued the [GLD RSH] plates. I took this picture at an antique shop, and have not been back to ask the proprietor where the plate came from.


Previous plates in the current run (all plates older than [DJY 100]) differentiated between trucks (9999 XX) and passenger vehicles (XXX 999). The Centennial plate is available only in the XXX 999 format (because of the artwork of the miners crossing Chilkoot Pass) and can be found on both trucks and passenger vehicles. (Thanks to Michael Williams for pointing this out.)

The Artwork

The artwork for the Centennial plate was created by Alaskan artist Kathy Sarns. Her design won the 1998 ALPCA Best Plate in the US award. You can get T-shirts, mugs, and other stuff with the Centennial plate on them at Kathy's Cafepress shop.

Special Centennial plates

Legislators could get a Centennial plate with a LEG prefix on the left and their seniority number on the right:


There are also specialized Centennial plates for Alaska State Senate and Alaska State House, though I've only seen a few of them. Note that the State Senate plate has the embossed numbers while the State House plate has the printed-on, thinner-font numbers:


Where the Series Begins

The Centennial plates began with [DJY 100]


Spotted Plates

DKA432 DKE851 DKF769 DKH555 DKN477 DKS573 DKU798 DKW850 DKX171 DKY647 DKZ542

I need pictures of: [DKK]

DLA658 DLB675 DLG145 DLH102 DLJ401

I need pictures of: [DLC], [DLD], [DLF], [DLK], [DLL], [DLR], [DLS], [DLT], [DLW], [DLZ]


I need pictures of: [DMC]

I have also spotted a DMV-suffixed plate, but no picture yet.

DNB109 DNF390 DNH617 DNJ308 DNK620 DNL928 DNM260 DNN935 DNP278 DNR253 DNS123


I need pictures of most DPx prefixes.

DRG211 DSC448 DTL523 DVP792 DWA428 DXW145 DYC442 DZZ969

Passenger vehicles (E series - Centennial Rush)


An interesting anomaly is the [EAQ] subseries. It's the only regular-series plate that I know of that's got a Q in it. Qs are supposed to be specifically omitted according to the license plate rules I've compiled.
EAQ305 EAQ350

The other E-series plates continue normally:

EBY694 ECE651 EDK552 EEG923 EFD548 EGH413 EJL646 EKZ100 ELS502 EMV142 ENA151 ERR160 ERS803 ERT865

Starting sometime in late 2004 or early 2005, the Centennial series was replaced by the standard blue-on-gold E series. The theoretical last plate in this series is ERT 999.

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