Royce's Alaskan License Plates - Trucks
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The DMV classifies a truck as "a motor vehicle primarily designed for hauling goods or property and for normal road use."

A truck that is registered under the name of a business is considered commercial and must pay commercial fees.

Trucks (B series)

9844BB 6138BC 2991BF 4189BF 3163BG 7064BH 7740BJ 5926BK 5413BL 8290BL 6061BP

Trucks (C series)

8214CA 3008CB 3263CB 3184CC 9326CE 2160CF 9382CF 3929CG 7068CG 5122CH 1833CJ 2545CL 5277CM 7521CN 9244CN 7457CR 1623CS 7661CT 7662CU 4048CV 4806CW 9959CX 2956CY

Trucks (D series)

8975DA 3711DB 2510DC 4939DE 3524DG 7834DH 6445DJ 2008DK 4265DR 1012DS

Note: When the Centennial series started, cars and trucks both started to receive these new plates, so the plate distinction between cars and trucks ended. Now that the Centennial plate run has ended, is is likely that the new E-series plates will be issued to trucks as well. If you spot a [9999 DT] plate on a truck, please contact me.

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