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Here are some folks who specialize in collecting Alaskan license plates.

This page is only for Alaskan specialists; general collectors with Alaskan runs or plates are listed on the main Alaska license plate collecting page.

Missing from this list? Are you a collector? Do you know someone who is?
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Name ALPCA # Location Email Specialty Collection here?
Phil (Pack Rat Mall) Anchorage, AK ? ? no
Fred Agree 2951 Homer, AK mush dot matnet at calm all Alaskan no
"Banjo" Bob Apalsch 8093 Fairbanks, AK banjobob dot mosquitonet at calm Motorcycle no
Jennifer Woodings Baer 431 Alaska no
Jon Beier beier dot alaska at nyet no
Alan Betts 2122 Oregon passenger? no
Terry Brenner 4984 Juneau, AK terrybrenner39 dot yahoo at calm mainly Alaska Pass. & M.C. yes
Bob Brown n/a Anchorage, AK ? Alaska yes
Peter Caffall-Davis 10363 Hyder, AK HyderAK99923 dot starband at nyet Alaska passenger yes
Richard Cartier 6732 Eagle River, AK CartierRD dot ci at anchorage Alaska and state run yes
Judd Clemens 5960 Wasilla, AK juddclemens dot yahoo at calm Military and 39 plates some
Bryce Crumb 1356 Florida low #s, legislator/gov, older pending
Tim Farrell Fairbanks, AK no
Gale Fechik Palmer, AK no
Bill Fikes bill dot webmusher at calm no
Bill Foster 2885 Sitka, AK sb67foster dot gci at nyet Passenger and others pending
Jason Frigon 7397 Eagle River, AK redsox dot gci at nyet no
Dan Gibson former Ester, AK yes
Earl Jenson (deceased) 355 Montana jenson dot centurytel at nyet no - sold
Tim Kennedy n/a Kirkland, WA / Cordova, AK icybay dot gmail at calm pre-1970 motorcycles (WA, AK, MT, ME) no
Pete Madsen 126 Washington passenger? no
Bob Mollenauer 9880 rdmoose815 dot yahoo at calm pending
Sean Morris n/a uber.uber dot gmail at calm contacted
Jack Neff 3491 no
Ron Penney NPCC 779 Melbourne, Australia ron1960 dot optusnet at passenger no
Matthew "Jake" Regen pending Anchorage, AK maregen3 dot yahoo at calm all AK no
Norm Resnick n/a Anchorage, AK resbo1953 dot yahoo at calm,
npr dot alaskalife at nyet
Scott Robart 8492 Anchorage, AK sales dot commdes at calm contacted
Verdon E. Rustine 343 Reeders, PA verdone dot ptd at nyet Passenger, MC, trailer contacted
Jim Shook Haines, AK julieandjim dot aptalaska at nyet pending
Gerry Shramek 8419 Copper Center, AK shramek dot cvinternet at nyet '76 Bear plates and others no
Dirk Starck 6438 Eagle River, AK dstarck dot juno at calm all Alaskan yes
Willy Templeton Anchorage, AK afwgt dot uaa at alaska at edu no
Craig Turnbull Seward, AK ? no
Frank van der Velde sxf252 dot tninet at se no longer collecting? no
Phil Volk Kenai, AK pvolk dot alaska at nyet Alaskan '76 psgr (bear) no
Royce Williams 10181 Anchorage, AK royce dot alaska at nyet all Alaskan yes

Photos of some of these characters can be found on The LISTSERV Photo Gallery (warning: big!)

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