Royce's Alaskan License Plates
Plate Reference and Driving Game

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Here are examples of each type of plate on the road in Alaska today. Print this page, take it with you on your next car trip, and cross off each type when you spot it!

BAA367 CZZ689 DFA820 DJY102 EAA188 EAQ350 ERU135 ERV554 ESP388 FAB101 HCP136 959HCP HAA549 DAV764 581DAV DBA232 DBD538 KID039 133KID UAA140 UAA558 UAF114 UAS110 PWS108 VBC552 VET907 VET579 VET100 VNG406 VCG776 VPH225 SBCT3 POW064 PH111 XXP173 YYM951 YYP755 ZZD716 155AST FWP403 35 46 59 00577 32593 AST734 25 G6136372 SWD243 CAF1540 BC6138 CY2956 DA8975 1288DD DL3959 3543FA MK8897 ML9419 NAMV68 PC3176 PH7067 RC4046 SF6281 HR657 HV853 HW588 HZ114 UH OH HUSKES LUCYS DOTCOM AKPL8S KL7CCI SUBARU

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